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奇天烈 : daily column Strange Man Feels Cozy Yoshihiro Kaneda
投稿者: kaneda 投稿日時: 2010-12-8 14:23:56 (2874 ヒット)

Please allow my rough English which has so many mistakes.
One of the members of Kiteretu asked me why don't you updte your column through an e-mail. I want tell him the reason. It is very simple. I don't have enough time to write a column. I usually go to my English lunguage school. Then I come back to my cheap apartment and work that I teach Japanese writings for children. When I have time to study, I study English to enter a cheap communty college. It is my whole day work. Studying English is my purpose that includes my dream being an English writer.
However, I changed my mind. I want to start my English writing.

I live in San Francisco. My apartment locates one and half block from Vanness avenue. Across Vanness avenue, it's Tenderloin where is the most dangerous district of San Francisco. In eary in the morning, they hit and beat one student, and stealed his money and iPod. So, from my apartment to downtown, people avoide this area. However, I usually go to this area for eating a pizza or chinese food. In this area, one pizza slice cost $2.77 which is very delicious and cheap. The register man asked me "as same as usual?" I always say yes. In this cheap restuarnt, conversations are ususally Italian. If you have a God's eye, you may find an asian long-haired strange man feels cozy.

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